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Ulefone Armor 3T walkie talkie compatibility test

Since the true offline intercom rugged phone Ulefone Armor 3T has been announced, some of the users couldn’t help but wonder, how is the walkie talkie function’s compatibility going to be ? What kinds of other walkie talkies can be used and in which circumstances ? For all those curious ...

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250 % of the goal reached in the Ulefone Armor 3T crowdfunding campaign

Thanks to the all the loyal fans and tech afficionados the upcoming special rugged model Ulefone Armor 3T with a walkie-talkie function is doing very well in the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. According to the Ulefone’s infor they already reached the 250 % of the target amount and it’s still not ...

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Ulefone Power 5 shows the battery endurance ropes to iPhone XS

For the chinese brands it’s a matter of personal price to compare their product to something from the Apple family, ideally in some category where it can fully dominate over the Apple piece. And that’s exactly the narrative of today’s video, where the monster battery Ulefone Power 5 is showing ...

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Video : Can the rugged Ulefone Armor 3T survive a car crush test ?

Concerning the world’s first walkie-talkie rugged phone Ulefone Armor 3T we have already seen quite some torture, stress and fun test videos to show its qualities. Today we can add yet another piece to the big puzzle with a cool car crush test video. In it the phone survives quite ...

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Rugged Ulefone Armor 3T walkie-talkie battery test

The new rugged model Ulefone Armor 3T is already available in the presales and the touted walkie-talkie function is gathering the deserved interest. But many users voiced their concerns about the battery endurance in the walkie-talkie mode. So the makers decided to put the matter to rest with a battery ...

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Presales of the new rugged Ulefone Armor 3T kicked off

There are many rugged phones available on the market, but the ones with a walkie talkie extra functionability are quite rare. But the newly launched Ulefone Armor 3T is bringing to the market just that and more. The rugged qualities are well documented and proven by the numerous testing videos, ...

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Rugged Ulefone Armor 3T deep water testing

The new Ulefone Armor 3T combines the classical tri-proof rugged phone with a walkie talkie functionality and we have seen it crowdfunded on Indiegogo during the past few weeks. Has to be said that successfully, because the pre-orders for the phone will already start next week. And today we have ...

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Upcoming Ulefone T2 will have a game mode with a customized gamepad

Gaming phones are the latest obsession of the chinese phone makers, so it comes as a little surprise, that even the smaller brands will be trying to participate in the gaming craze. And today we got some information concerning the upcoming Ulefone T2 model, even though the phone is not ...

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Ulefone Armor 5 dust and corrosion proof testing video

Since the rugged Ulefone Armor 5 lauched, we have seen quite some videos and reports focusing on the extreme durability and ruggedness of the device. And today we have for you another one, this time focusing on the dust and corrosion proof testing. So get ready for the phone being ...

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