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Ulefone Armor 6 will be the world’s first 5G rugged phone

The 5G network support is the hot topic of recent days and the phone makers are trying badly to come with their own announcement of the next 5G phone. And Ulefone of course doesn’t want to stay behind in such activities, so they today announced through a short explosive Youtobe ...

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Rugged Ulefone Armor 3/3T gets yet another violent testing

The new rugged Ulefone Armor 3 series is certainly among the best rugged devices of 2018 and the makers are not stopping in their quest to convince us about the real sturdiness of the phones. We have already seen quite some violent drastic tests, but because we all like it ...

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Rugged Ulefone Armor 3T with walkie-talkie global promo with $100 off

The new world’s first rugged walkie-talkie phone Ulefone Armor 3T is already out of the crowdfunding platform and finally normally available on the market. In order to celebrate the successful launch you can currently get it in a special promo event lasting a week, where the price is slashed by ...

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First official hands-on video for the Ulefone S10 Pro released

Budget new Ulefone S10 Pro has been announced for a while and now with just few more days remaining in the presale activities the makers released a first official hands-on video to help the customers with the decision about the phone. And while the S10 Pro won’t be certainly breaking ...

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Ulefone Power 5S with 13.000 mAh battery life test

New Ulefone 5S is a slightly toned down model of the annual big battery flagship from this chinese brand, but only very mildly, because the only difference is lower memory combination. Otherwise it gets the same great specs including the gargantuan 13.000 mAh battery. And this monster battery gets tested ...

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Budget fashionable Ulefone S10 Pro begins presales at $69.99

Ulefone brand has a pretty strong history with their phones belonging to the budget “S” series and the newest addition to the fold is the Ulefone S10 Pro. And the phone will try to win some hearts with the sleek design and pretty aesthetic surface texture, but of course the ...

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Video : How’s the camera performance of the Ulefone Power 5S ?

New generation of Ulefone’s big battery phone is of course mainly represented by the flagship model Ulefone Power 5, but the cheaper Ulefone Power 5S is not that far behind. And while the reception and feedback for the phone has been very positive, the makers are still determined to convince ...

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Elegantly Colourful & All Screen: Ulefone S10 Pro Launched

As smartphones are getting better overall on the performance side, many phone manufacturers are now focusing more on the design of the handset. Bringing glass backs, reducing bezels and make them more of a fashion statement than an utility. The latest Ulefone S10 Pro from the Chinese phone maker can ...

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