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Lenovo’s Market Share in China Was 0.4% Only

China is the world’s largest market. This is also true for smartphones. That’s why you can find myriads of smartphone vendors based in China. This also means besides the top brands such as Huawei, VIVO, OPPO, Xiaomi, and others, there are plenty of second-tier smartphone makers. The competition is high. ...

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Contrary to Everything Xiaomi Continues Showing Astonishing Sales Performance

Xiaomi is one everyone’s lips. While the entire smartphone market is going down, this manufacturer continues showing incredible sales performance. In 2017, the global smartphone market showed a declining trend for the first time. But what’s worse, this trend is present in 2018 as well. The major smartphone manufacturers are ...

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Report: Smartphones sales inside China decreased in 2017 for the first time ever

A new set of reports came today from the popular research company, Canalys. The research evaluates smartphones sales performance during 2017. According to the research, for the first time ever there was a year-to-year decline in Chinese sales, with at least 4% less smartphones being sold in the country. While ...

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Qualcomm grabs the highest smartphone SoCs market share during Q3 2017

2017 will for sure be remembered as a hard year for the chipset manufacturer, Qualcomm. The company saw itself involved in lawsuits against one that was once one of biggest buyer of the modems manufactured by the chip maker, Apple. After a couple of lawsuits that one filed against the ...

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Samsung market share will see a drop in 2018 thanks to Chinese OEMs ascension

The Chinese brands rise during this year of 2017 have been much better than in the past. Companies like Vivo, Oppo, Huawei and Xiaomi have successfully dominated their own homeland and established some presence in the western countries. For that reason analysts are estimating a drop in total Samsung’s market ...

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Samsung to see a drop in Chinese market share in Q4

Samsung has been the dominant player when it comes to the smartphone market, in China and worldwide. But a report by Strategy Analytics predicted that the Korean tech giant’s share in the Chinese smartphone market will drop below 2 percent in the fourth quarter. The share is expected to drop ...

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Oppo hits the top as market leader inside China during Q3

We are at the time of years when most companies shares their profit results in the third quarter of the year. New reports, this time coming form the research agency Counterpoint, show us that no one else than Oppo got the top among smartphone vendors inside China, during Q3. The ...

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