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Google Pixel 3 challenges iPhone XR in a drop test video

JerryRigEverything has posted a new interesting video on YouTube that compares two of the most interesting smartphones among those launched in the second part of 2018: we are talking about Google Pixel 3 and iPhone XR. But this is not a “normal” comparison: in fact, the Youtuber has decided to ...

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Google wrongly sends Verizon’s locked Pixel 3 to those who ordered unlocked devices

According to a new report coming from Google’s issue tracker, seems that some Google Stores are sending Verizon’s locked Pixel 3 to some clients who ordered the unlocked unit of the handset. What this implies? Well, the main difference between the two units it’s the possibility of unlocking the bootloader ...

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Google Pixel 3 Lite midrange smartphone spotted in the wild

Since the beginning of this year, we’ve been hearing about a midrange Pixel smartphone scheduled to launch sometime in 2019. Back in October, the company unveiled the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL as the only smartphones for the 2018 season. Today new tidbits and even live pictures have popped ...

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Night Sight mode comes to the Pixel, Pixel 2 and Pixel 3

Unlike other manufacturers who bet on increasing the number of rear cameras, Google remains true to its idea of ​​using a single camera and provide improvements through software processing. Today, the company has announced the availability of Night Sight feature, which is a new feature of the Google camera app that helps ...

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Google’s Pixel 3 Latest Security Patch Makes Texts Disappear

The Pixel 3 series from Google is looking out to be one of the unluckiest ones, or at least it’d appear to be so if we check out all the bugs and hardware problems we’ve seen this far. This time it’s only on the software side though, so it shouldn’t ...

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Google’s Pixel 3 is Overheating and Shutting Down while Charging

Google really isn’t having a good time with their latest Pixel 3 series. After the critics for the massive notch and the price being too high at launch and the repair problem we heard about earlier today, the Pixel 3 is now apparently also overheating while charging. Some users have ...

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Safeguard your Google Pixel 3 series – there is no official repair support

The best advice for users of users of Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL is “never smash your phone”. Since the official release of this smartphone, there have not been many complaints compared to the Pixel 2 series. However, a new observation revealed that this smartphone has no official repair support on ...

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Google might launch two new mid-rangers in the near future

Hopefully, we have good news coming today from news site AndroidPolice which apparently found some interesting data inside the latest ARCore V1.5 APK released by Google. Within the code, they did indeed find various devices – or better,  code names – we already know along with a couple we’ve never ...

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Latest Pixel 3 Google camera port arrives for the OnePlus 6

The Google Pixel 3 which was recently launched by Google at the beginning of the month has now introduced a new version of the Google Camera app-6.1. The new version comes with a fresh UI which focuses on swipe gestures to manoeuvre the UI. Moreover, it also consists of features ...

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