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Want a lightweight tablet ? Chuwi Hi9 Plus can be just for you then

Portability has always been quite important for tablets and laptop. But while the size and weight of the laptops goes continuously down with the modern models, with tablets it can be quite a different trend. But if you prefer an extremely lightweight big tablet, then we can have one idea ...

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CHUWI Hi9 Plus: evolution of tablet from “toys” to “productivity tools”

In recent years, with the demand for mobile office increasing, notebooks tend to become lighter and the screen of mobile phones tend to be larger, as well as the emerge of “cloud computing”, “TNT”. In fact, the best solution–tablets have been ignored by everyone and they have gradually become “toys” put in a corner. However, CHUWI ...

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Launch conference of Chuwi Hi9 Plus starts tonight on Facebook

During the Global Sources Expo exhibition in Hong Kong the Chuwi brand already launched a new raft of products and another one in line will be the flagship model Chuwi Hi9 Plus. This Android device with stylus and keyboard is pretty much touted as one of the best options in ...

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Chuwi Hi9 Plus will be showcased at the Global Sources Expo

The Global Sources Expo in HongKong will already open its doors tomorrow on October 18th and of course you will find a Chuwi brand booth there too, specifically located at 1K06. And of course they will be showcasing their new convertible 2-in-1 tablet Chuwi Hi9 Plus there, but can it ...

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First unboxing video for the new Chuwi Hi9 Plus tablet released

The next in line of the powerful Chuwi tablets finally has an official release date so we are happy to confirm, that the Chuwi Hi 9 Plus is going to launch globally on October 20th through Aliexpress. And today we have for you also the first unboxing video for this ...

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Chuwi Hi9 Plus coming soon to challenge other big tablets

Even thought tablet world is getting progressively smaller, there are still some very interesting models, which still has a lot to offer. The chinese Chuwi brand is responsible for quite a handful of such pieces, the latest one is going to be the Chuwi Hi9 Plus. And with this new ...

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