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Why can you on CHUWI Hi10 Air with FHD screen watch the 4K video?

At present, the screen resolution of smart devices rarely exceeds 2K. Does that mean that we can’t watch 4K or HD video on smart devices? What is the relationship between video resolution and the resolution of display device? The video finally displayed on the screen is divided into three processes: decoding, output, and display. ...

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CHUWI Hi10 Air, a 2-in-1 Win10 tablet, wants to replace your laptop

Nowadays, many 2-in-1 Win10 tablets are lighter and thinner than laptops. Taking CHUWI Hi10 Air as an example, let’s see the advantages of the 2-in-1 Win10 tablets over notebooks. Lighter than a notebook As CHUWI Hi10 Air is designed with a detachable keyboard, the body is only 8.5mm thick and it weighs 522g. Compared with Macbook Air ...

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Chuwi Hi10 Air coming soon to be competing in the convertibles category

The gears of Chuwi brand never stop turning, because we are once again looking at a soon-to-be-unveiled new tablet model, this time dipping into the convertible category. The upcoming piece is going to be designated as Chuwi Hi10 Air and we have for you some first basic information about the ...

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