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Tribit X1 wireless earbuds with Bluetooth 5.0 offer quite some punch

True wireless earbuds are pretty popular recently, because for sport activities it’s really comfy not to bother with wires whatsoever. And of course you need some modern ones equipped with the latest advanced technologies. Like the Tribit X1 model, which can offer quite some decent specs and affordable pricing. Tribit ...

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Tribit XBoom Review: solid power at affordable price!

Tribit is one of those companies that has managed to built a certain reputation over the years, especially when it comes to high-quality audio solutions that don’t necessarily break the bank. I have to say that this new XBoom rugged portable speaker is surely leaving up to the myth and ...

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Get a Tribit XBoom Speaker for free in the Halloween giveaway !

Who wouldn’t like some free things ? That’s why the giveaway events are so great and for investing few seconds or minutes you can win some nifty gadget for free. And today we have for you a Halloween giveaway with the Tribit brand, where you can win one of 50 ...

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