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Why can you on CHUWI Hi10 Air with FHD screen watch the 4K video?

At present, the screen resolution of smart devices rarely exceeds 2K. Does that mean that we can’t watch 4K or HD video on smart devices? What is the relationship between video resolution and the resolution of display device? The video finally displayed on the screen is divided into three processes: decoding, output, and display. ...

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CHUWI Hi10 Air, a 2-in-1 Win10 tablet, wants to replace your laptop

Nowadays, many 2-in-1 Win10 tablets are lighter and thinner than laptops. Taking CHUWI Hi10 Air as an example, let’s see the advantages of the 2-in-1 Win10 tablets over notebooks. Lighter than a notebook As CHUWI Hi10 Air is designed with a detachable keyboard, the body is only 8.5mm thick and it weighs 522g. Compared with Macbook Air ...

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CHUWI HiPad wants to be the best affordable gaming tablet

Even with the emergence of oversized classical phones the tablets are still often the superior gaming device, thanks to larger screen and higher capacity batteries. And many of the gaming focused tablets are not even that expensive, so very often beating the phones in that regard too. And the CHUWI ...

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Cyber Monday Kicks Off on Amazon: 20% Off on the Best CHUWI Products

Did you miss Black Friday? No worries, Cyber Monday comes to your rescue! CHUWI is indeed offering 20% discount for Amazon’s Cyber Monday, so basically the same great deals as the Black Friday ones. Check them out below to learn more! CHUWI Hi9 Air (American version with leather case) Screen: ...

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New CHUWI Hi9 Plus shines with 4G LTE connectivity and dual-band Wi-Fi

For the modern tablets intended for media consumptions and especially office usage the proper connectivity is quite often the key. That’s why more and more current tablet models are offering the 4G LTE access with their SIM slots. And the new CHUWI Hi9 can be taken as a prime example ...

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Best CHUWI deals : up to 32% off at Gearbest for Black Friday

Black Friday is almost about to start so it’s just the time to direct you to the best CHUWI sales and discounts for the event, because their tablets and laptops are usually pretty much worth it. And from November 22nd to 23rd you can grab the CHUWI Hi9 Air and ...

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Black Friday is coming to the CHUWI Amazon store too with 20% off

Black Friday sales and discounts will be the talk of the town for the next few days and if you missed the huge Singles Day offers, this is your way to rectify that. And if you don’t like shopping in the chinese e-shops or Aliexpress marketplace, there are easier “western” ...

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Chuwi Hi9 Plus is offering a full stylus experiece and costs 1/5 of iPad Pro

If you want a big tablet with full stylus supported controls the options are way more diverse than just the iPad Pro from Apple, because its prices are extremely high. For example the new Chuwi Hi9 Plus is offered for about one fifth of the iPad Pro price and the ...

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