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First walkie-talkie No.1 iPhone powerbank case soon on Indiegogo

The chinese brand No.1 is probably well known to most of us as the machine gun style producer of smartwatches and smart wearable products. But seems like they are also dabbling in some other useful gadget categories, because they will soon start an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for a world’s first ...

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New Energizer® Power Max P20: Share Your Power!

Avenir Telecom under the renowned Energizer® brand launched the Power Max P20: the feature phone with huge battery capacity and a built-in power bank function to easily share power with family and friends. 2-in-1 device: make phone calls and charge other devices Thoughtfully designed to fit in a pocket, the ...

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Dodocool 10000 mAh powerbank has the MFI certification

The dodocool brand is most certainly producing an insane amount of accessories so it makes all the sense in the world that powerbanks are also among their stock. And today we want to show you their biggest one with the 10000 mAh capacity and handy features both for Android and ...

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Ulefone working on 13.000 mAh battery phone Power Max

Do you think the 10.000 mAh phones are really the monstrous and extreme ones concerning the battery capacity ? Well you will soon be forced to rethink this, because allegedly Ulefone is planning to expand on their big battery phones lineup with a model trumping any other released so far. ...

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Dodocool DA69 Solar Charger / Power Bank on sale at Amazon

Tired of having to charge both your smartphone and the power bank that goes along with it? Then we might have a solution for you: get a Dodocool 12W portable dual USB solar charger with built-in 10000mAh battery. Let’s learn some more about this quite interesting gadget! The Dodocool solar ...

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Blackview P2 Lite is a capable powerbank too with its massive battery

Smartphones equipped with huge batteries are becoming more and more popular as the people tend to value the endurance over sheer aestethics and performance. And with the big batteries come also some extra perks like using the phone as a powerbank effectively. And today’s video is showing the Blackview P2 ...

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Take a look under the hood of the ELEPower Thunder

The proper name of the first Elephone powerbank product is still somewhat confusing, but we will stick to the official website canon so i guess it really should be ELEPower Thunder. With that out of the way we can take a slightly more detailed look inside the powebank. ELEPower Thunder ...

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ELE Thunder powerbank with QC 3.0 is here

First Elephone powerbank product is here and the chinese manufacturer is trying to enter the market in style with ELE Thunder, because it’s just overflowing with features and latest technologies. Of course as most of the higher end devices it’s not exactly cheap but that’s the price for evolution. Most ...

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New Chuwi powerbank will support QC 3.0

Sometimes even the biggest traditionalists are looking for trying new things and it’s quite often not a bad idea. Just like Chuwi, who are known mainly for relentless production of tablets, exploring new ways and planning to release a pretty interesting powerbank. The new Chuwi Hi-Power powerbank will be filled ...

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