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Last Chance to get your iPhone Battery Replaced for $29.99

Some of you will remember Apple’s debacle last year when the company admitted to be slowing down phones after some years due to their battery getting worse. This, without giving the user an option whether they wanted more performance or stability. As an answer to the negative uproar from the ...

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Trump says that mobile phones from China, including iPhone, might be subjected to a 10% to 25% tariff

In another episode of the China vs U.S. trade war, the American President Donald Trump hinted today in a talk with Wall Street Journal that he could soon subject tariffs to Mobile phones that are coming from China, and that includes Apple’s most important product the iPhone. According to Trump ...

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Apple’s latest patent reveals that new audio features are coming to Animoji

Despite the rumors pointing to low sales of the entire 2018 line of iPhones, Apple seems to be more concerned with the audio quality of Animoji. Well, that’s what implies a new patent published by USPTO. Of course, the US company has filed the document back in February, so many ...

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Apple’s latest patent hints a different iPhone design in the future

A new patent awarded to Apple indicates that the future iPhone models could feature the same design seen in the Huawei P20 Pro with gradient finish on the back of the device. The patent in question names the new characteristic as “Surface Finishing”, and shows that Apple is considering to ...

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Apple will rely more on the average iPhone price increase too grow its revenue

After Apple released its fourth-quarter earnings report, Apple said that in the future, Apple will increasingly rely on the iPhone’s average selling price increase and service revenue increase to achieve revenue growth. JPMorgan analyst Samik Chatterjee said in an investor report that Apple “has succeeded again” in guiding people to turn ...

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Apple stores are now stocking the iPhone XR units

Today is the big day for all Apple enthusiasts who have been eagerly waiting for the cheap-class iPhone XR. The device units are starting to fill Apple Stores, but this doesn’t ensure that everyone will be able to grab a unit of the LCD 2018 iPhone. Several of Apple’s online ...

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Apple releases fifth developer and public beta for iOS 12.1

Today Apple decided to take the wraps off the fifth developer and public betas for the iOS 12.1. Those who have an iOS device that is already registered in the beta program will receive a notification leading to the OTA update. If you’re new with beta testing, you can head ...

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86% of American Teens Are Going to Buy iPhone Next

A large-scale survey of American teenagers found that their willingness to buy an iPhone has reached an all-time high. About 86% of teenagers said they are planning to buy the iPhone as their next smartphone. According to research firm Piper Jaffray, this percentage is higher than 84% in spring. The ...

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