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New Samsung 512GB EVO Plus microSD Card Launched at 289€

While we often talk about Samsung phones or tablets on this website, it is no news that the company is involved in lots more markets than just these two. Samsung are indeed also renown worldwide for creating high quality and fast storage solution, such as SSDs, SD cards and microSD ...

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MicroSD discount coupon galore on the Lightinthebox e-shop

Memory cards are quite often the very first accessory you will be buying with your new electronical gadget, because storage always comes as the most important. And you can never have enough after all, no matter the initial reserves. And today you can go wild getting your new storage options, ...

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Amazon Prime Day Hits Chuwi – Get the Lapbook Air up to 20% Off!

As some of you will be aware of, today’s Prime Day! Which means online giant Amazon offers an insane variety of products at discounted rates, including some items we know very well, Chuwi tablets and ultrabooks. The one that will probably appeal you the most, is the latest Chuwi Lapbook ...

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Oukitel MIX 2 with Helio P25, 6GB RAM Only $198.98 on Cafago & More

Online retailer Cafago just provided us with coupons on two really different products that would probably work great if paired. We’re talking about the beautiful Oukitel MIX 2 and a sleek looking multi-functional back pack. Interested? Then keep reading! Let’s begin with the stunning Oukitel MIX 2 coming with the ...

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CHUWI LapBook Air 8GB/128GB only $337.27 (with Coupon) at Cafago & More

Are you in need of a brand new laptop with good specs at a very affordable price? Or are you the kind of person who likes to watch their favorite content on a projected 60-inch screen? If you’re in either of those situations, then check out what Cafago has to ...

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SONOFF S20 ITEAD Smart Socket and LeEco S3 X626 on Sale with Coupon

Cafago has provided us with some coupons on two really interesting products, a remotely controlled power socket and the LETV LeEco Le S3 X626. Interested? Keep reading! Let’s start off with the SONOFF S20 ITEAD, a smart outlet controlled via a phone. With it, users can instantly convert any plug into a smart ...

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NES Game Console & Blackview BV9000 Pro Discounted at Cafago

Winter holidays have passed so you’ll probably have less time to play videogames but that’s not enough of a good reason to miss on the deal we’ll be posting today. Keep reading if you’re in for some good ol’ fun (or you need a smartphone)! The tiny fun-packed device we’re ...

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Deals: Get a 128GB MicroSD Card for just $18.34 over at Cafago

It’s almost incredible how cheap technology gets over time. Only a few years back you’d be dreaming of a 128GB microSD card even existing, then when they came out you knew you couldn’t get one without breaking the bank. Now, you can buy them for as low as $18.31 over ...

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Video showing Bluboo Edge handling 256 GB microSD card

For many phone users the internal memory capacity is often not sufficient and are looking for ways of expand it. With microSD slot it’s easy and even though latest trend is to omit the microSD in general, that’s not the case with the new Bluboo Edge. Quite the opposite actually, ...

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