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Review: Oukitel A28 Smartwatch

Meet Oukitel, a new Chinese smartphone brand that just released a few devices including the awesome Oukitel U8 smartphone. Now it’s time to meet their latest device, the Oukitel A28. The Oukitel A28 smartwatch is a stylish looking smartwatch running Mediatek Smart device and is one of the (pre)announced smartwatches that we are seeing around now. This smartwatch has a price between $50 an $60 while big brands like Samsung and LG are selling their watches for around $249. In this review we will find out if it’s worth the money are you better need to save your money and buy a highend device later.

Unboxing and installation

The brown package of the Oukitel A28 contains the next to the watch itself, a charging cradle and an USB cable. The screen of the watch is protected with a foil, the cradle is packaged in a small sealbag, while the USB cable is packed in a foil band.

The installation for charging is very simple. You put the USB cable into the cradle and you put the watch into the cradle. When it’s in the cradle it will be charged through a 4-pin system. You can put the USB cable for charging into any USB port or by using a wall charger (unfortunately this is not provided by Oukitel). Undocking the watch after charging need some force during pulling out. In our opinion this could be improved.

To get your Oukitel work with your smartphone (Android and IOS) you need to install the Mediatek Smart Device app. You can download the latest APK here, you can download it also from the Play store but for some reason we only could seetup with the latest APK from the mentioned source. After installation you launch it and activate Bluetooth when you are asked. On the Oukitel A28 smartwatch make sure to go in ‘Settings’ –> ‘BT Settings’–> Turn Visibility On and Turn Power On.


Design and specifications

The watch has a square design and has only one physical button which is the power button on the right side of the watch.  Underneath the watch you will find a sensor to measure your heartrate and the charging pins. The pins are well placed so you don’t feel them while wearing your watch. The strap is made of leather and is available in brown and black. In our opinion the watch itself is a little to thick but it’s not noticable while wearing.

The Oukitel A28 comes with a MTK2502 chip, 128MB RAM and 32MB ROM. It also support Bluetooth 4.0. The IPS display of this watch has a resolution of 240×240 pixels and has a size of 1.54 inch. If we follow the specifications the 250mAh should give you a standby time of 100 hours, we simply did not get these results. After some investigations we found out it that the connection through Bluetooth and wakeup while lifting your arm up for viewing the time causes a higher battery usage. With normal usage we could use this watch for about 1 one day. It sounds bad but our LG G Watch R is also getting it’s fuel during the night everyday.

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oukitel_a28_lostgeeks_net_gal03 oukitel_a28_lostgeeks_net_gal04

The Oukitel A28 in use

Although this smartwatch is not running Android Wear it comes with a real nice interface. The watch itself has 4 per-installed clockdesigns. The user interface itself is userfriendly with the use of normal app icons and it’s possible the choose another theme which are pre-installed on the Oukitel. Through the MTK Smart Device it should be possible to add extra 3 apps (a clock, a weather app and a Chinese fitness app named Codoon) but for now there is nothing more available.

The screen responses very well while swiping and is readable in direct sunlight. With the use of the MTK Smart Device app we can easily receive our notifications from the activated apps. Although it’s possible to reply on SMS messages, it’s not possible to reply on WhatsApp, FaceBook messenger and Skype messages. This is not an Oukitel issue, but more a MTK cause. By using the phonebook or dialer app on your Oukitel it is possible to call. The sound that comes through speaker is good and also the mic is performing well. This dialing feature is als very annoying when calling with your phone, the sound is automatically coming from the speakers of the smartwatch. Although this can be solved by disabling the phone permissions in your Bluetooth settings, your Media will play the sound still through the smartwatch. When you disable this too, your smartwatch will loose connection.

The Oukitel A28 features also a notification if your watch is to far from your smartphone. And with use of the Search app on your watch you can make your device beep to find it (it also works visa versa). The watch also support next to a soundrecorder and calculator, a remote control for your musicplayer on your smartphone and a remote capture app to use it with your photocamera on your smartphone

The Oukitel A28 also gives you the opportunity to work on your health with a Pedometer to count your steps, a fast and accurate heart rate monitor, a sleep monitor and a sedentary reminder.

You can purchase it at Gearbest for about $56.99



Meet Oukitel, a new Chinese smartphone brand that just released a few devices including the awesome Oukitel U8 smartphone. Now it's time to meet their latest device, the Oukitel A28. The Oukitel A28 smartwatch is a stylish looking smartwatch running Mediatek Smart device and is one of the (pre)announced smartwatches…

Valuable smartwatch

Building quality

For a fraction of the price of a high-end smartwatch you get a descent build smartwatch, an easy to use interface and some really nice features like the acurate heartrate monitor. Next to the stylish design and the ability to read your messages and other notifications it makes it worth to buy. But keep in my mind about the calling thing.

Buy it now on Gearbest
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