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Jacob Lieben

Co-owner and co-editor in chief of Lostgeeks.net. Responsible for article writing and the web infrastructure of this website.

Official Samsung Galaxy S8 accessories to include Multimedia Dock and Alcantara protective cover

Samsung is known for releasing plenty of official accessories for its flagship smartphones, and this won’t change when it comes to the Galaxy S8. According to Sam Mobile, the Galaxy S8 will have many accessories similar to those made for the Galaxy S7 series, including Clear View covers, LED View ...

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Jony Ive no longer involved in Apple physical hardware design in the same capacity?

In the latest episode of long-time Apple blogger John Gruber’s Talk Show, guesting SixColors founder Jason Snell briefly touched on design chief Jony Ive’s current role in the Cupertino company. Mr. Snell has heard that that Jony Ive is currently not as involved in physical hardware design as he used ...

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5 Android and iOS apps for wine connoisseurs

If you love discovering and drinking new brands of wine, smarphone apps can be indispensable helpers. Rather than trying to figure out which bottle to get at the store, you can simply scan its label with your phone’s camera and get all the information you need, such as ratings, reviews, ...

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Apple's 2016 holiday ad is a monster with a message that we all need to learn

In 2013, Apple’s holiday ad was about a kid who seemed to be disinterested in what his family was doing during a holiday vacation. Just when we think the kid is a bad seed, sitting with his iPhone all day and ignoring his family, the truth comes out. He’s been ...

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Rising selfie deaths is a worldwide phenomenon

According to a new report, 127 people have died while taking a selfie over the 29-month period that ended this past September. 60% of the deaths took place in India while 6.3% took place in the U.S. A selfie death is defined as the death of a person that would ...

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