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Jacob Lieben

Co-owner and co-editor in chief of Lostgeeks.net. Responsible for article writing and the web infrastructure of this website.

Google and Huawei team up to spread RCS messaging, all Huawei smartphones to get Android Messages app

Google and Huawei are partnering up to accelerate the adoption of RCS messaging. Google has announced that its RCS-based Android Messages app will soon get integrated across Huawei’s entire smartphone portfolio:   With Android Messages and RCS messaging, HUAWEI devices will offer a rich native messaging and communications experience. Features such ...

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Apple to pay the largest ever amount in offshore taxes, contribute $350 billion to the US economy

Due to the sheer size of its profits, Apple is the largest taxpayer in the world, and has outlayed over $35 billion in corporate income taxes in the last three years. Add to these $38 billion it will be paying to repatriate its profits held overseas, and Uncle Sam can ...

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Entry Level Alcatel 3C officially announced in Italy

TCL Alcatel has officially launched the Alcatel 3C, the entry-level phone that appeared in a leaked press render a couple of days back. Although exclusive to Italy at the moment, the device is priced at €129.99 SIM-free and unlocked, and is expected to be showcased at the upcoming MWC in ...

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Cook: iPhone users will be able to disable “power management” to prevent CPU throttling

Late last month, Apple iPhone users were flabbergasted to discover that an earlier iOS update allowed Apple to throttle the CPU on the iPhone 6 and later models. This was done in the name of “power management.” Because many of these older models were being powered by older batteries, certain ...

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How to install Apple’s internal SEED app reserved for employees’ eyes only

Unless you work for Apple in the Apple Store, or in some other capacity, you most likely are unfamiliar with the the Apple Sales Enablement, Education and Development app. With the acronym, this is the Apple SEED app. Get it? Appleseed. As in that mythical iOS user Johnny Appleseed whose ...

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Siri’s “Give me the news” feature is out of beta indicating an upcoming launch of the Apple HomePod

A recent feature that allows Apple’s virtual assistant Siri to respond to a request to “Give me the news” with a few minutes of top stories, is now out of beta. In the states, the default newscast comes from NPR’s News Now podcast, which is also where Amazon’s Alexa has ...

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Deal: Asus ZenFone 4 Pro is now $100 cheaper in the US

Asus’ newest high-end smartphone, the ZenFone 4 Pro, has been available to buy in the US since late October. Initially priced at $599, the handset can now be bought for $499 – at this price, we’d say the phone is a worthy alternative to the OnePlus 5T.   Right now, ...

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Cricket Wireless starts selling the entry-level Alcatel Verso for just $30

The new Alcatel Verso is one of the cheapest Android smartphones that you can now purchase in the United States. US carrier Cricket Wireless now offers the Verso for free with number transfer or $30 with new number (or current customer upgrade). As you might have guessed, the Alcatel Verso ...

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Google hardware designer reveals early Pixel 2 iterations

Despite the fact that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were manufactured by HTC and LG, the phones were fully designed Google. Ivy Ross, lead hardware designed at Google has just revealed some of the early iterations of the Pixel 2, which made its debut on the market back ...

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