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Huawei & Samsung Lock Horns For South Korea’s 5G Tech Equipment

According to BusinessKorea, the development of 5G technology is beginning to give some South Korean companies relevance as the top players in 5G tech battles for their equipment. Samsung, Huawei, Ericsson, and Nokia all tried to bid for orders for 5G network equipment from the three major carriers in South Korea. ...

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Oppo Find X confirmed to feature Super VOOC, 5X lossless zoom, and 5G

Well, folks, after all, it seems the Find X will be a huge deal in 2018. Oppo is poised to unleash this badass machine on June 19 with a curved edge display, as confirmed by Oppo today. Now, the company has confirmed some marquee features of the handset one of ...

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Qualcomm: Chinese OEMs To Topple Samsung & Apple With 5G Technology

The year 2020 will be critical for the application of 5G technology and certain manufacturers will definitely climb up the ladder because of this technology. Qualcomm is currently at the hub of 5G tech development and the American company believes that 5G tech will give Chinese OEMs a real take-off. In ...

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Qualcomm: First 5G Phone To Arrive This Year

Besides Artificial Intelligence (AI), another aspect of technology that is been rapidly developed is the 5G network. The 5G standard (independent networking) can be fully finalized by June this year, thus many companies including Qualcomm, are working assiduously to unveil the first 5G phone. Qualcomm’s senior vice president, Durga Prasad Malladi, revealed ...

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Apple Prepares For iPhone With 5G Network Compatibility

The smartphone industry is consistently growing and there is an incessant quest for innovation. 5G technology is the next huge step for mobile phone manufacturers and they all have to be prepared or get left behind. According to reports in the U.S. media, Apple is urging the U.S. Federal Communications Commission ...

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T-Mobile and Sprint are now just one US carrier, just needing regulatory approval

We saw a number of rumors and talks pointing out to this moment when two renowned US carriers are now becoming one of the largest network company in Mr.Trump’s country. T-Mobile and Sprint have finally agreed to merge, the first rumors pointing to this were circulating through the web in ...

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China To Complete First Phase Of 5G Tech Testing In June

In recent times, 5G technology development has been a battleground for all the interested parties. Companies are racing to the finish line and if the procedure continues at this rate, we may be using this tech earlier than expected. Now, according to Liu Du, Dean of Chinese Information and Communication ...

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Huawei To Launch First 5G-Enabled Smartphone in Q4, 2019

On February 25, Huawei made a big move by announcing world’s first commercial 5G chipset named Balong 5G01. The latter is the first to support the new 3GPP standard for 5G networks. There are two 5G bands – Sub6GHz (low frequency) and mmWave (high frequency). Theoretically, the chip offers a ...

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Huawei Initiates 5G Technology Trials In Turin – Achieves 3Gbps Speeds

Last week, Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, collaborated with Italy’s local mobile operators like TIM and Fastweb to initiate 5G technology testing in Turin, Italy. The company used an experimental setup bandwidth of 100MHz and achieved connectivity speeds of 3Gbps and a spectral efficiency of 30 bits/second/Hz. This result shows that Huawei’s latest technology uses seven times ...

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