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dodocool DA147 MFi Certified Apple Watch Magnetic Charger on Sale

If you’ve been sucked into the Apple ecosystem, then you probably own the best selling Apple Watch. As you well know, accessories for Apple products are quite expensive, but they don’t have to be. You can indeed buy them from more affordable but still high quality brands like dodocool. Keep ...

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Samsung’s new DeX Pad turns the Galaxy S9/S9+ to a keyboard and a trackpad

At its MWC press event, Samsung alongside the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus announced an update to its Dex station dubbed the DeX Pad, and much like the Galaxy S9 duo, the DeXPad comes with a significant upgrade over the predecessor. For the uninformed, the Dex Pad Station is an accessory that ...

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MEKO Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen just $14.99 on Amazon

Looking for a super affordable way to draw or simply write on your tablet or smartphone? Then check out these very inexpensive but functional universal touch screen stylus pen on sale over at Amazon; keep reading to learn more! The MEKO Universal Touch Screen Stylus Pen comes with a length of ...

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ARCHOS Hello Smart Display with Android Oreo and Google Assistant announced ahead of MWC

Smart speakers aside, the smart displays are probably the next trending products currently in the tech markets. The last we saw was Google’s answer to Amazon echo set to hit the stores later in summer, now, French manufacturer ARCHOS is joining the bandwagon at MWC 2018 holding in Barcelona in the ...

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dodocool Magnetic Micro USB Cable – Phone Charging Made Fun & Easy

At least once or twice a day you have to charge your device and that’s something we’re fine to live with. But what if you can make it easier or even more fun? dodocool’s magnetic USB cable can do just that while making your phone’s USB port last longer as ...

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dodocool DA161 Battery-Less Smart Keyboard for Your iPad on Sale

iPads are great tools to watch videos and consume other content in a very simple and quick way, but by themselves, they can hardly become anything good for productivity. That changes drastically when you pair them with a keyboard; then, they come almost as good as laptops, albeit with some ...

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Official user manual confirms new fast wireless charger for the Galaxy S9 duo

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the 9th generation of the flagship Galaxy S series of smartphones is expected to be launched in about two weeks from today. Now if you are more interested in the accessories accompanying the smartphone, you will be interested to learn that thanks to a recent leak ...

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dodocool DA125S 3.9ft / 1.2m Magnetic Micro USB Cable on Sale

Charging your device once or twice a day isn’t something you can’t avoid doing, sadly. Every time you plug and unplug the USB cable into your smartphone you slowly degrade the port until a point in which it stops working altogether. Even more so if you happen to mistakenly pull ...

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dodocool DA161 MFi Certified iPad Battery-Less Smart Keyboard Launched

Have you got yourself an iPad but you feel like you don’t get enough out of it? Maybe watching videos on Youtube or playing games isn’t all you can do on it. You could also use your iPad for some light work thanks to this MFi certified keyboard produced by ...

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