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Upcoming ALLDOCUBE X plans to challenge Samsung Tab S4

Tablet sale numbers are surely on a decline worldwide, but at least it means the very few models emerging can be quite refined and interesting. ALLDOCUBE brand is still firmly believing in the tablets and their latest upcoming creation ALLDOCUBE X is planning to challenge the Samsung Tab S4 with ...

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ALLDOCUBE M5 4G tablet available on Gearbest for just $189.99

Tablets these days need to have the 4G connectivity too, at least that looks like to be the latest consensus of the makers. And the new ALLDOCUBE M5 is bringing even the dual SIM dual standby option to satisfy all the customers craving just that. And right now it’s available ...

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Dual SIM tablet for €79.99 ? Say hi to the ALLDOCUBE T2

The rapid evolution of the modern technologies has also one very customer-positive effect, because with the lightning fast development cycles the prices of the older models are really dropping like flies. Today we have for you something just like that, because the ALLDOCUBE T2 tablet with dual SIM 4G support ...

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Looking for a big dual SIM 4G tablet ? ALLDOCUBE M5 4G is the answer

Even the tablets these days are trying to offer the 4G LTE connectivity, but most of them are content usually with just one SIM slot. But there are some exceptions out there and the ALLDOCUBE M5 4G is the prime example of that, because it’s equipped with dual SIM dual ...

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