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Video : OUKITEL K7 gets a 7-hour battery consumption test

OUKITEL models from the popular “K” line are famous for monstrous battery capacity and the newest OUKITEL K7 is of course no exception to the rule. The makers are advertising it as capable of lasting for a week on a single charge, but how about the performance under continuous load ...

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Ulefone Mid-Year Promo Kicks Off – Up to 70$ Off

Summer approaches as the month of June begins. This is part of the year when lots of phone manufacturer clear out their stocks with some quite interesting deals on their handsets. It appears as Ulefone are the ones breaking the ice, so let’s check out their mid-year promotion! The first ...

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Ulefone Power 5 battery endurance test for the 13.000 mAh monster

There are big battery phones in the market and there are BIG battery phone. The new Ulefone Power 5 certainly belongs in the latter category, because with insane 13.000 mAh capacity you quite some endurance monster in your pocket. And to prove the point the makers released another battery test ...

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Video : OUKITEL WP5000 power consumption test

In this fast-paced world one would definitely need a rugged smartphone, which can be quite invincible when it comes to environmental distress paired with a long-lasting battery and very affordable price. The OUKITEL WP5000 is  a 5200mAh battery smartphone with waterproof, dust-proof and shock proof qualities. And the battery endurance ...

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Video : Ulefone Power 3S and its multi-use battery test

These days, battery life is more important than ever thanks to the big screens, super fast processors and demanding apps. If you are looking for a big battery phone, you should not miss the newly released Ulefone Power 3S that packs a huge 6350mAh battery. Today we have a video showing the endurance of ...

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Oukitel K10 with 11.000 mAh battery gets a battery test

The eagerly awaited Oukitel K10 model should get to the market already this month and with larger battery, faster charger, upgraded processor and new operating system compared to the previous iterations of the “big battery Oukitel line” it looks pretty good. But the highlight of course is the 11.000 mAh ...

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Video : Performance and battery tests for the Vernee X

The new Vernee X model is already available in the presales on Gearbest and the official sites for a while, but still time to explore for a bit the features and capabilities of the new phone. The makers are especially proud about the big battery and the performance in general ...

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Video : Rugged Oukitel K10000 Max multi-use battery test

Rugged Oukitel K10000 Max is surely one of the most expected outdoor sturdy phones to come to the market, mainly because of the insanely big 10000 mAh battery capacity. We have already seen such battery performing in the previous non-rugged phones from the “K” series so well, but today we ...

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Video : Oukitel K6000 Plus fights with Ulefone Power 2

Recently released models Oukitel K6000 Plus and Ulefone Power 2 are quite comparable devices with the same chipset, RAM, ROM size and similar battery capacity. So which one would be the winner if you pit them against each other in a fair fight ? We have already seen such video ...

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