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OUKITEL mid-year brand sale starting on Aliexpress starting at $59.99

With the second half of the year closing in the OUKITEL brand is bringing to the market yet another big battery smartphone model K7 with 10.000 mAh capacity, but also there is a special sale event coming starting tomorrow May 29th. And this time you will have a chance to ...

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Roidmi Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner at $399.99

When speaking of wireless vacuum cleaners, the brand Dyson is the first thing that comes to mind. It has almost a dominant position in this field. But the pricing of its products is above $450. It’s a luxury for many families. In this sense, Roidmi Technology has become a successful ...

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Vkworld VK7000 Rugged Phone with Wireless Charging on Presale at $139.99

A couple days back we introduced the Vkworld VK7000, a very unique rugged phone is waterproof and comes with a case that floats in water. Today the smartphone is on sale at just $139.99 over on Banggood; keep reading to learn more about it. The Vkworld VK7000 features 4GB of ...

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Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3 & Amplifier on Sale at Cafago (w/ Coupons)

If you’re a Xiaomi fan then you’ll really enjoy today’s coupons provided by Cafago. On the online store it’ll indeed be possible to get the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Router 3 and the Xiaomi WiFi Amplifier Pro at discounted rates; keep reading to learn more about them! The Xiaomi Mi WiFi ...

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OUKITEL sid-year sales are here with offers from the Banggood e-shop

OUKITEL as a brand is well known for producing smartphones heavily relying on the big battery capacity as the main selling point, but they are aware, that you need to supplement it with a big display and solid performance too to be successful. And their mid-year sales can offer their ...

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Bluboo S1 With Tri-Bezel-Less Display at $119.99 [Coupon]

Those who are following what’s happening in the smartphone market know there are a few trends. At this moment, all smartphone vendors are offering full-screen devices. But not all of them come in with the same look. Say, the iPhone X and many devices come with a bangs screen. Huawei ...

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ALLDOCUBE Free Young X5 Supporting 4G Offered at $99.99 [Coupon]

The 8-inch tablets are not popular nowadays because of the new mainstream in the smartphone market. If you guess we are talking about the full-screen design that brings way better visual experience to a body size we used to see previously. But the role and function of tablets differ from ...

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