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DxOMark Predicts Tri-Camera Technology To Become Mainstream in 2019

We know the photo quality is not related to the hardware only. Xiaomi and other brands have proven for a few times that the software optimization can play a big role in capturing high-quality images. Plus, AI has entered this industry as well. So we understand photography features of a ...

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[GizPoll of the Week] Xiaomi Mi 8 (Explorer Edition) Vs Huawei P20 Pro – Take Your Pick

From our last week poll, 57% said the notch on the Xiaomi Mi 8 is not justified and there should have been some other way while 20% believes that it is justified. 22% don’t really care about the notch, they just need to see some innovation.  On March 27, Chinese ...

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Huawei P20 Pro Coming To Japan Through NTT DoCoMo

The world’s first tri-camera smartphone coming our way from a top brand was announced at the end of March. The Huawei P20 Pro along with the Huawei P20 were uncovered at a special conference held in Paris. Later, in April, they launched in China as well. There are other markets ...

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Huawei P20 Pro Sales Reached 316% of P10 Plus Sales

India is the second most important market for Xiaomi. But it’s not the same for other Chinese top manufacturers. For Huawei, it’s Western Europe. The company doesn’t deny this is the most important overseas market. And today it’s become known the sales of the newly announced P20-series models are quite ...

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Huawei P20 pro and P20 lite’s prices leaked ahead of Indian Launch

The Indian subcontinent is the next country to receive the Huawei P20 pro and Huawei P20 lite. Both devices will be unveiled in India later on today, and while we expect the company’s Indian arm to detail the devices recommended retail prices and offer at the event, a last-minute leak ...

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Huawei P20 and P20 pro launched in Taiwan at NT$20,900

Chinese mobile maker Huawei has today introduced its latest camera focused smartphones- the Huawei P20 and Huawei P20 pro to the Taiwanese market, making it the second market to have received the devices since they were first announced back in March. The Chinese mobile maker Huawei had at a global event on ...

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March Security Patch Arrives Huawei P20 Pro

A few weeks ago, Chinese manufacturing giant, Huawei, released a series of smartphones which include flagship Huawei P20 Pro. This smartphone has achieved a dazzling performance on DxOMark and it is considered to have the best camera system in the smartphone industry. Now, this device is receiving its first software update which includes the March ...

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Huawei P20 & P20 pro hits sales records, rakes in CNY 100 million/ $15 million in seconds

Huawei’s global expansion moves crashed earlier this year when a deal with major US carrier AT&T failed as a result of pressure from the US government over national security concerns. The Company released it P20 series of smartphones recently, and it is, therefore, looking on to other markets to meet ...

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Huawei Expects To Sell Over 20 Million Units Of The P20 Series This Year

Huawei is one of the top smartphone brands in the world. As of now, it is behind only Apple and Samsung and the company has vowed to topple these manufacturing heavyweights in the coming years. Late last month, Huawei released the P20 series and early reviews of these smartphones have ...

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