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Apple iPhones Switching to USB Type-C Interface in 2019

USB Type-C ports have slowly become the standard in Android phones and Windows laptops, and Apple has been doing the same on their lineup of MacBooks and MacBook Pros. Where Apple are still stubborn though, is their mobile phones series. The Cupertino company is indeed still shipping iPhones with the ...

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Apple Releases The Last iOS 11.4.1 Beta

Last week at Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) event, the American company announced its new iOS 12 which comes with some amazing new features and updates. As for the devices that will get this update, all iPhones currently running on iOS 11 will be compatible and this update is scheduled to ...

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Android Users are More Loyal than iOS Users!

It’s a never-ending battle that has been fought since the inception of the smartphone: Android or iOS, which one’s better? From serious discussions to funny memes, both sides have been playing for years now! But according to a study, it seems that Android users are much more loyal to Android than ...

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Google Lens to roll out to more non-Pixel devices soon

Google today announced that its image-recognition AI called Google Lens will now work on more Android devices. The service is still in an experimental phase and it is integrated into Google Assistant. However, the Google Photos app on the Pixels also currently support it. Google has now confirmed that the ...

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Apples Provides Solution To Telugu Character Vulnerability – Next Update To Bring Fix

Yesterday, we reported a new bug which can crash iOS and macOS. This bug is a single character from the Telugu language spoken by about 70 million people in parts of India. Once this character is imputed to any messaging app like WhatsApp and Facebook or received by an iPhone or iPad, ...

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(Oops) Apple makes old iOS versions available by mistake

Unlike Google’s Android, Apple has a strict policy in what concern to allowing software downgrade in iOS. No matter the situation, once the company releases their newest software iteration, they never look back, and of course, doesn’t allow users to experiment the “past” again. But apparently, something unplanned happened yesterday ...

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Apple Releases An Update For Spectre Vulnerability

Some days ago, we reported that there was a new vulnerability dubbed “Meltdown and Spectre” and the latter can affect ARM processors on some iOS and Android smartphones. A few days ago, Essential Phone which runs on stock Android received the January security patch, and it came with a fix for these ...

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Apple issues a statemente in response to the “iPhone Slowdown Fiasco”

The first reports of Apple slowing down the old models of iPhones, respectively iPhone 6 and 7 lineups, appeared in the last week. In that circumstance Apple has given the excuse of under-clocking the CPU’s overall performance of older models to prevent sudden shutdowns happening when aged batteries reach their ...

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