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Get the new Teclast laptops cheaper with our Lightinthebox coupons

Affordable chinese laptops are out there to conquer the world, because the build quality have massively increased over the last years and the price/value ratio is often through the roof. The latest pair from the Teclast brand is just that and with out discount coupons as courtesy of the e-shop ...

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Get the best version of Xiaomi Gaming Laptop with our discount coupon

Dedicated gaming laptop from Xiaomi has been showcased few months ago and as usual brought the great hardware for pretty much an unbeatable price compared to the competition. It’s just the Xiaomi’s trademark. And today we have for you a discount coupon for the most powerful version of this coupon, ...

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Gemini Lake powered laptop Chuwi LapBook SE hitting the market soon

Laptops equipped with the Intel’s 14nm Goldmont Plus platform (aka Gemini Lake) are still a pretty rare sight from the chinese manufacturers and we have seen these processors used mainly only for the mini-PCs like the Chuwi GBox. But seems like there will be one like that coming soon to ...

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Acer’s Swift 5 is World lightest 15-inch laptop

Acer at its 2018 annual keynote event held recently in New York City, announced a plethora of products including the Acer Swift 5 Laptop. Specially designed for those who prefers portable and lightweight devices without sacrificing power, Acer says the Swift 15 laptop is the lightest 15-inch laptop in the world. ...

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LeveTop: The Autonomous Folding Drone Now on Indiegogo

If you love drones and recording videos with them, then the latest LeveTop drone that recently popped up on Indiegogo might be something you might really like. This very unique drone is indeed ultra-portable and intelligent as it comes with an advanced GPS system. But that’s only some of the ...

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Honor MagicBook Showcases Astonishing Sales Performance

A few days back, JingDong made an appointment and began getting pre-orders for the first Honor-line notebook. The Honor MagicBook was announced on April 19. It’s considered to be one of the best high-end laptops coming our way from a Chinese manufacturer. So it’ been expected the MagicBook will provide ...

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Huawei Honor MagicBook Announced

Today, in afternoon, at the Shanghai Sports Center, Huawei unleashed the much-anticipated Honor 10 and the first Honor-series notebook named the Huawei Honor MagicBook. This is a high-end laptop with a great design and hardware. So with this move, the manufacturer clearly shows its intentions for the notebooks market. As ...

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