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Official unboxing video for the “midrange killer” LEAGOO T5c

The touted LEAGOO’s new “midrange killer” device – the LEAGOO T5c is finally here and today we have for you the official unboxing video for this phone. So what distinguishes this model from the vast amount of other very similar pieces with all the same formula octa-core procesor, 3 GB ...

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Video : Leagoo T5c vs. OnePlus 5 app speed comparison

Leagoo T5c is the first phone in the market equipped with the new Spreadtrum SC9853i processor based on the Intel Airmont x86 platform made with 14nm FinFET technology and even though it’s a lower midrange device,  the makers feel confident about its performance and overall speed. At least that’s what ...

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7 reasons why you should choose LEAGOO T5c

LEAGOO T5c is the world’s first smartphone equipped with Spreadtrum SC9853I SoC. SC9853I adopts the Intel 14nm X86 Airmont microarchitecture, which can greatly enhance SoC performance at an even lower power consumption, bringing the best balance between great performance and power efficiency. 1,  Intel X86 Airmont 14nm Foundry Platform Powered ...

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Modem performance of the new Spreadtrum SC9853i CPU explored

We have already talked quite a lot about the new Spreadtrum SC9853i processor and it’s clear, that in terms of sheer power it will slot in the lower midrange segment just fine. And the first phone using it will be the Leagoo T5c model. But there is an aspect of ...

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Get Leagoo T5c with a $30 discount in a presale campaign

The world’s first phone with the new Spreadtrum SC9853i processor, the Leagoo T5c is already available in the presales and now you can save up $30 from the retail price. There was also a quick snap-up event with 50% discount, but just for 20 piecese so only for the very ...

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Leagoo T5c hands-on video showing 50k+ Antutu result of the new CPU

Today Leagoo released a new small hands-on video for their latest Leagoo T5c model and in it we can finally check out the performance of the new Spreadtrum SC9853i processor. This new CPU based on Intel X86 Airmont cores is aimed at the midrange segment and it makes it’s very ...

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Why LEAGOO decided to use Spreadtrum SC9853i SoC ?

At MWC 2017 Spreadtrum, Intel’s Chinese partner, introduced its new octacore  Spreadtrum SC9853I SoC as a mid-range smartphone chip that will come out of Intel’s very own factories. Based on Intel’s 14nm FinFET process technology, SC9853I is affordable, power-efficient and quite powerful solution based on the x86 cores. In 2017, Spreadtrum is ...

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Intel Empire strikes back with Spreadtrum SC9853i SoC

n April 2012, Intel’s first plausible smartphone, the Xolo X900, was officially launched. It was a solid initial effort for Intel to enter the mobile market. More importantly, the Intel Medfield SoC that powered the Xolo x900 was meant to be a pioneer, a harbinger, a sign of things to come. Over ...

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LEAGOO T5c global reservations are up plus $1.99 crazy deals

The new LEAGOO T5c will be the first phone in the world equipped with the new 1.8GHz octa-core 64-bit Intel Airmont architecture based processor Spreadtrum SC9853i. Built on Intel’s 14nm FinFET foundray platform, T5c’s processor can provide quite an interesting alternative to the lower midrange processors on the market. According ...

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