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Do you want to sleep better? The MGCOOL Band 3 might help you with that!

If you are having problems sleeping and you want to check in a more scientific way why that happens, then a fitness band could be a really cheap way to figure it out. Today, we’ll be having a closer look at the MGCOOL Band 3, a band that comes with ...

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MGCOOL Band 3 Continuously Tracks Your Heart Rate, Better than an HR Chest Strap?

If you are into sports or fitness in general, then you probably know that the heart rate – either while exercising or resting – is a really important factor to take into consideration to have a full understanding of a person’s health status. That’s why products such as HR chest ...

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A Closer Look at MGCOOL Band 3’s Companion App

The MGCOOL band 3 is one of the latest smartbands to hit the market. The wearable comes with a 0.66-inch OLED display where you can check most of the data provided by the band’s built-in sensor. Sometimes though, you will want to know more than what the screen shows, that’s ...

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MGCOOL Band 3 Flash Sale at Gearbest – Get it for $9.99 (limited pcs)

Rapidly growing Chinese electronics maker – MGCOOL – have just officially announced the availability of the recently launched MGCOOL Band 3. The wearable will be purchasable for just $9.99 over at Gearbest, but in limited number. Let’s learn more about it! The MGCOOL Band 3 is a smart fitness band ...

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Deals: MGCOOL Band 3 Available for Preorder on Gearbest at $29.99

If you were looking to buy a fitness tracker then the latest comer from MGCOOL might fit your needs, we’re talking about the MGCOOL Band 3. You can get this smartband at a special price now that presales kick off; keep reading if you’re interested! The main highlight of the ...

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MGCOOL Band 3 Announced – Will it be the best Smartband?

After the success of the MGCOOL Band 2, the electronics manufacturer is getting ready to launch the next-generation MGCOOL Band 3, with some hardware improvements.  The MGCOOL Band 3 is now in the final phase of production and it definitely won’t be as expensive as the latest Apple Watch series ...

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MGCOOL Band 3: A Fitness Tracker that will help you in your Workouts

Working out is good, but you can get in trouble if you do too much of it. As we read online excessive exercising can lead to health problems and might not even do what you were aiming for, i.e. losing weight. According to MGCOOL, their upcoming MGCOOL Band 3 might ...

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