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AllCall MIX2 Already Sold 20000 Units During Presale (Ending Tomorrow)

After months of hyping, the AllCall MIX2 finally got on presale on May 7th. The smartphone is apparently doing very well since then with already over 20000 units being sold; a great achievement for the growing Chinese phone maker AllCall. The success of the AllCall MIX2 is probably due to ...

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AllCall MIX2 Official Hands-on Video Released

The recently launched AllCall MIX2 is the latest tri-bezel-less phone to hit the market. Since the smartphone is now on presale, the company thought well to give us a first hands-on video of the device. If you were interested in buying this phone, then check out the video below! AllCall ...

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AllCall MIX2 vs Vernee MIX 2: Specs Comparison

The “MIX“ moniker has become quite a popular one since the launch of the original Xiaomi Mi MIX. Naming a smartphone “MIX” basically means creating a tri-bezel-less clone of Xiaomi’s concept phone, with rather thin top and side bezels, and the selfie camera moved below the display. Two of the ...

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AllCall MIX2 and the 4 Reasons it’s Worth your Consideration

With the AllCall MIX2 presales kicking off yesterday at $189.99 we thought it might be the right time to sum up what makes this phone really interesting for its price range. If you were looking to have a 6GB RAM phone for less than $190 then keep reading! Fast Wireless ...

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AllCall F1 Official Video Introduction Shows Fast Wireless Charge Performance

Wireless charging has become even more popular after the launch of the latest iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. Meanwhile electronics manufacturer like Samsung & Xiaomi, have been working on wireless chargers for a while now. Among the smaller and rapidly growing Chinese companies, AllCall seem to be the ...

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AllCall Mix2 10W Fast Wireless Charging Compared to Leagoo’s Power 5

After Apple’s iPhone X came out featuring wireless charging, all Chinese phone makers seem to have finally realized this technology exists and people would love to have it on their phones, even budget phones. That is why growing phone makers like Leagoo and AllCall are now implementing the tech on ...

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AllCall Giveaway Kicks Off – Win a Free AllCall MIX2 or AllCall F1 Wireless Charger

If you’re an AllCall fan, we have good news for you. The Chinese phone maker did indeed just announce a really nice giveaway which could potentially get you either a free AllCall MIX2 or an All Call F1 wireless charger. We also got some updates regarding the upcoming MIX 2; ...

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AllCall MIX2 to Come with a Powerful 10W Wireless Charger Named F1

Wireless charging is a technology that makes charging your smartphone easy and conveniente. The feature has seen a growth after Apple decided to implement it on the iPhone X, which was of course followed by other phone manufacturers, one of them being AllCall. The Chinese company did indeed confirm that ...

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Fast Wireless Charging & Full Screen 2.0 – AllCall MIX2 Introduction Video Released

The launch date of AllCall MIX2 is getting closer with the hype train is slowly picking up speed. We have already seen the main specs of the phone leaked before but today the company finally released an official 3D video showing off the appearance and hardware composition of the upcoming ...

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