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OUKITEL K10 11000mAh Battery Phone Now on Presale – Top 10 Features

Aren’t all of us tired of packing an extra power bank with us because we fear our smartphone batteries might be drained from half a day’s usage? Well, Oukitel has always somewhat outsmarted the rest of the competition releasing “big battery phones” for a while now. The latest creation is ...

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Endurance king Oukitel K10 is here, presales up for $249.99

The self proclaimed endurance kings is here to try to ascend to the throne and objectively speaking the new Oukitel K10 has pretty much a big chance actually usurping it. The phone is out there in the presales starting today January 15th and you can find it on Gearbest for ...

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Coming Soon: Oukitel U18 with iPhone X-like Display Design

Oukitel seem so determined into delivering better viewing experience to its fans that a new phone will be released anytime this month with an aspect ratio of 21:9 – the Oukitel U18. The handset will be slimmer and more comfortable to hold in hand compared to what we’ve today on ...

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Oukitel K10 with 11.000 mAh battery gets a battery test

The eagerly awaited Oukitel K10 model should get to the market already this month and with larger battery, faster charger, upgraded processor and new operating system compared to the previous iterations of the “big battery Oukitel line” it looks pretty good. But the highlight of course is the 11.000 mAh ...

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OUKITEL K10 gets 5V/5A charger, fully charged in 170 minutes

OUKITEL is clearly determined to always have the smartphone with the biggest battery capacity currently in the market and the new OUKITEL K10 is the exhibit one for that. The phone is packing huge 11.000 mAh battery and also gets a fresh new flash 5V/5A charger promising to be fastest ...

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Oukitel K6 unboxing video shows also the package contents

Presales for the new Oukitel K6 model started on the Banggood e-shop already on the first day of Christmas. As the actual shipping date gets near the manufacturer has released a first global unboxing video for the phone showing the exact package contents. Check it out for yourself. Oukitel K6 ...

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Monster battery Oukitel K10 will also have the integrated NFC chip

Some of the functions of the mobile phones are already considered as the basic equipments, like the fingeprint scanner. Some others are slowly clawing their way to the universal recognition, like the new Face ID. And some older ones are coming back in favor and usability like the NFC chips. ...

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Oukitel K6 global presales are up with a $199.99 price

Latest Oukitel’s piece is finally out in the global presales and the new Oukitel K6 will be availalable right until the end of the year for a special discounted price of $199.99 on the Banggood e-shop. And that’s certanly not a bad price for a phone brimming with pretty powerful ...

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