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Get the 10.000 mAh OUKITEL K7 just for $169.99 in a flash sale

OUKITEL is certainly releasing new models left and right recently, but the brand new OUKITEL K7 is certainly worth the attention. Released a while ago, this huge battery handset can offer some major numbers like the 10.000 mAh battery and solid specs. And if you can get it in a ...

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Additional information released about the upcoming OUKITEL K8

In the current market situation it’s refreshing to see some of the old fashioned design of the phones, not succumbing to the curse of the iPhone X notched design madness. One of the classical looking ones should be the upcoming OUKITEL K8 and today we have some additional information concerning ...

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Video : OUKITEL K7 reverse charging – last chance for the special presale price

OUKITEL released the new member of the famous big battery “K” lineup a while ago and the the OUKITEL K7 is once again quite a battery monster with the 10.000 mAh capacity. And with such battery it’s quite handy to use it also as a powerbank with its reverse charging ...

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Next ! OUKITEL K8 will be released in July with 5000 mAh battery

The constant flow of the OUKITEL smartphones to the market is not going to stop anytime soon, because right after the K7 model with big 10.000 mAh battery got released they are already working on the next best thing. And according to the small leak information we have the phone ...

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OUKITEL K7 teardown video, presales will start June 19th

The new OUKITEL K7 is already the 4th generation of the 10.000 mAh big battery smartphone from this manufacturer.  It has been announced more than a month ago and the presales are finally closing on us, according to the official information it will start on June 19th exclusively on the ...

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Video : OUKITEL K7 gets a 7-hour battery consumption test

OUKITEL models from the popular “K” line are famous for monstrous battery capacity and the newest OUKITEL K7 is of course no exception to the rule. The makers are advertising it as capable of lasting for a week on a single charge, but how about the performance under continuous load ...

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Sample photos from the camera of the new OUKITEL K7

The new OUKITEL K7 with its massive 10.000 mAh battery capacity is of course attracting the attention of big battery phone lovers, but the makers are quite convinced it can offer way more than that. So today we have for you a video containing some samples from its 13MP+2MP dual ...

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10 OUKITEL models discounted in another brand sale event

Seems like the OUKITEL brand settled into the rhytm of a constant sale events happening almost every day, but well customers and fans are surely not complaining about that. Their latest brand sale has full 10 phone models available, so it’s one of the biggest offers from this brand and ...

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