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Pisen holds a Valentine’s Day promo to power up your love

So far, it’s rarely heard that a power bank can also serve as a hand warmer. Pisen, an awardee of IF Design Award 2016, and CES Innovation Awards 2016 has made the exact device which can not only charge your devices but also can warm your hands in the cold ...

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Flash Sale: dodocool PD 45W 20100mAh Fast Charge Power Bank with USB Type-C

Chinese electronics manufacturer – dodocool – has kicked off a super interesting special sale for their DP13 power bank which sports features such as PD technology, 45W fast charging and more; let’s have a closer look! The dodocool DP13 comes packing a massive 20100mAh capacity battery and three ports to ...

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dodocool DP13 PD 45W 20100mAh Fast Charge Power Bank with Type-C Port Launched

China based electronics manufacturer – dodocool – just added a new device in their already large portfolio of products. The latest dodocool DP13 power bank sports various features, including PD technology, 45W fast charging and more; let’s have a closer look! The dodocool DP13 comes boasting a massive 20100mAh capacity ...

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Deal: dodocool 20100mAh PD Power Bank on Sale in your Local Amazon Store

While we’re getting closer to having smartphones that last a full day of heavy usage, sadly that’s not the case yet, at least for most phones on the market. We can say the same about tablets, laptops and other portable devices. What’s the solution then? Well you probably know it ...

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Pisen CES 2018 Coverage – Visit their Booth for a Free Battery Replacement!

Pisen is one of China’s largest manufacturer of digital accessories and the inventor of Power Banks as we know them today. The company just unveiled various products at the CES 2018 taking place in Las Vegas, among which we find 4-Port 20000mah Portable Chargers, Wireless Chargers, QC 3.0 chargers and ...

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Pisen to Highlight Next Generation Mobile Phone Charging Technology at CES 2018

Pisen – one of China’s largest 3C digital manufacturer – is set to release a series of new mobile phone charging products and technologies at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) which is taking place starting tomorrow January 9th to 12th in Las Vegas. Pisen is a brand that hasn’t ...

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Pisen: From Power Bank Invention to Power Bank Innovation

Power banks have slowly become a necessity in everybody’s life. Your mobile device probably won’t make it through a full day, or maybe you’re on-the-go for more than 24 hours and have nowhere to charge it. In both cases a good power bank can help you get going for the ...

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dodocool DP12 Ultra-Slim 10000mAh Dual Output Power Bank on Sale

Whether we like it or not, power banks have become a must have in most people’s lives. While the latest smartphones may have become more efficient and can potentially get us through a day, the majority of them will still run out of juice in less than 24 hours. For ...

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dodocool DP13 Ultra Slim 20100mAh 3-Port Power Bank on Sale

Unless you own one of the latest smartphones with power efficient CPUs and batteries larger than 3000mAh then your device probably doesn’t make it through a full day of use. When that happens, a power bank is the best and easiest solution to restore some juice into your phone. Today, ...

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