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Xiaomi And Huawei Set To Commence Home Printer Manufacturing

Chinese manufacturers are quite good at penetrating any sector of the market, especially with their market-friendly pricing system. In the recent past, a lot of questions was raised with regards to the durability of Chinese products but now some Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi and Huawei have made a good impact in ...

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Discount coupons for some cool Xiaomi vacuum robots available

Chinese Xiaomi are dabbling in all sorts of cool gadgets and one of the very popular category recently are the robotic vacuum cleaners. Nothing can beat some automated household cleaning so you can get rid of the chores yourself. And today we have for you some deals including discount coupons ...

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Xiaomi Releases A Portable Smartphone Image Printer

Chinese manufacturing giant, Xiaomi, keeps unleashing innovative products which make life easier for tech lovers. Today, the company released a portable smartphone image printer which uses sublimation printing technology with 256 color levels to efficiently prevent the printing issues with droplet inkjet ink technology. The printer is built based on CMY3 color fusion ...

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