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Elephone U Pro Blank Motherboard Frame – Closer Look

The Elephone U and Elephone U Pro are two of the most hyped devices we’ve seen released in the last period. The smartphones do indeed feature some high-end specs going from the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 CPU and curved AMOLED display to the 6GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. ...

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Watch: Elephone U Pro Face Unlocking Setup (Video)

If you’re looking for a smartphone that features Face Unlock then you don’t have many options currently available to you. Or at least not many that actually work as you’d expect. One of the latest top devices with this feature to hit the market is the Elephone U Pro. The ...

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Elephone U and U Pro Back Cover’s Technology & Colors

Elephone’s U series features a beautiful four sided curved design with both the display being curved at the front as well as the back cover, these two factor give the phones a sleek look while also making them feel better in the hand. Today, the phone maker based in China ...

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Elephone U Series Feature a Breathing Logo for Calls & Charging (Video)

Not many users may be aware of this – as we haven’t seen it covered by any news outlet yet – but the Elephone U and U Pro feature something you wouldn’t expect to find on a phone; keep reading to learn what it is! As you may have already ...

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Elephone U Series Featuring Edge Lighting for Calls (Video)

Everybody and their dog know about the latest Elephone U & Elephone U Pro released a couple days back. The two phones sport very sleek designs and quite good hardware as well as some neat software features. Let’s check out the video below! As we can see in the video, ...

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Elephone Special Sale Kicks Off at Gearbest – Elephone U Starting at $389.99

Online retailer Gearbest is notoriously really close to Chinese phone maker Elephone. They usually partner up for smartphone launches and whatnot as well as run some special promotions together. Today we check out just that as the Elephone U & U Pro get released starting at $389.99; keep reading to ...

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Qualcomm Getting Set To Build Snapdragon 855 On A 7nm Process

Yesterday, Qualcomm announced its first 7nm chips and it appears that we have not heard the last of the story. Current reports suggest that the company may be preparing to develop the Snapdragon 855 on a 7nm process as well. The expected SD845 is built using a 10nm Low Power Plus process which ...

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Elephone U & U Pro UI Design – Closer Look

Elephone seem to have understood that users mostly prefer a stock Android ROM and decided to keep the new Elephone U & U Pro as clean as possible. Let’s check out how the OS look in these screenshots they just released. We have to say that by looking at the ...

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