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Maze Alpha X Review – So Close to Perfection!

The Maze Alpha X is the most promising bezel-less phone I’ve used to date. Good battery life, well optimized software, and a great screen are still let down by one critical part of the phone that many other Chinese companies also fail to get right. Maze Alpha X Review Maze ...

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Xiaomi AI Speaker Review – Do you Speak Chinese?

Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Apple Homepod, are moving millions of units, but can Xiaomi do the same with the China centric Xiaomi MI AI Speaker? Xiaomi Mi AI Speaker Review If you don’t speak Chinese, don’t buy this speaker. Even if you do speak Chinese, don’t buy this speaker. However, ...

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T-Bao X8S Laptop Review – Low Cost Apollo Lake Option!

T-Bao/Civiltop is a fairly new laptop manufacturer known for a couple of laptops here and there, but they are an ODM with prior laptop experience. They have released what seems like a decent price proposition, $280USD for a 15.6” Apollo Lake laptop. Well its good when you don’t consider the ...

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Chuwi Lapbook Air Review

I’ve never been a fanboy of any smartphone or laptop company as I review so many devices on a regular basis, but my relationship with Chuwi devices is as close as it gets. Ever since my first Chuwi device, the Chuwi Vi10, their products have been consistently good, and many ...

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Syllable D9x Review – True Wireless Earbuds with Replaceable Batteries!

Chinese companies are really coming up with interesting takes on tried and true technology. A true wireless pair of Bluetooth earbuds with replaceable batteries? Who woulda thunk? Syllable D9x Review I’ve been following the Bluetooth earbud market very closely and while many companies are busy refining their true wireless Bluetooth ...

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