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All-screen BLUBOO S2 with rotating camera is looking very promising

During the 2018 MWC, numerous smartphone brands emulated the “notch” design of the iPhone X and showed their own models with similar look. But some of the phone makers are forgetting, that the notch design has been specifically made for housing the true-depth camera and the sensors, while many are ...

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BLUBOO S2 with Rotating Camera Hands-On Video from MWC 2018

Phone maker based in China – Bluboo – actually delivered what they had promised in the past weeks: a smartphone with a camera that rotates. Keep reading to learn more from our hands-on at the MWC! The Bluboo S2 is set to be a really interesting mid-range phone as it ...

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Bluboo S2 takes it’s rotating camera design to MWC 2018

2018 MWC is fast approaching and numerous of amazing smartphone brands introducing unique designs of smartphone models will be in the abovementioned event in Barcelona on the 26th of February. Maybe we will see new flagships presented there, like the Samsung S9 and Huawei P20. However, among all the revealed ...

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BLUBOO S2 Full Screen Design Revealed – Is this the Best Solution?

The full screen design is the trend of the year and it’ll probably never fade away but become the norm. Many phone manufacturers have tried achieving the highest possible screen-to-body ratio using different design choices. We have Samsung phones that sports curved displays that make the phone look border-less – ...

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