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First Snapdragon 845 CPU&GPU benchmarks impresses

The first smartphones packing the Snapdragon 845 are expected to be released late on this month, during MWC 2018. However, it doesn’t stop Qualcomm from teasing us with a taste of the performance that the chipset will offer. The new Snapdragon 845 offers a new CPU design which consists of ...

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LG G7 appear listed on official website carrying Snapdragon 835 under-hood?

Seems that someone at LG listed a smartphone earlier that it could be mentioned. The most anticipated LG smartphone, LG G7 that is expected to be launched during this Q1 2018 had its name listed on an Official website page listing the LG smartphones that support Fast Charge Technology. While ...

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Xiaomi and Samsung working on laptops equipped with Snapdragon 835 SoC

Two new players are rumored to have already joined Qualcomm’s team of Snapdragon-powered laptop manufacturers, and this can only mean good things for us customers. We’re talking about Xiaomi and Samsung, two companies that seem to have high hopes for this specific market segment in the future. News comes right ...

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First Snapdragon 835-powered Laptops Shown on HP Care Pack Page

Qualcomm mainly develops SoCs for devices with a smaller screen size. That’s why you will find the way more smartphones packed with Snapdragon family chips rather than laptops. This also means they are customized for Android mobile operating system. At the beginning of this year, various companies have been fighting ...

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Flagship Xiaomi Mi6 down to just $364.78 from Lightinthebox

No need to introduce the latest Xiaomi flagship model, because if you are reading our website it goes without saying, that you surely know more or less everything about the Xiaomi Mi6. But what you don’t know, that you can get it as low as $364.78 on the Lightinthebox e-shop. But ...

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Xiaomi Mi MIX 2 discounted offer by Lightinthebox

There is probably no need to introduce one of the most impactful names in the phone bussiness in the recent history, at least the first generation of the device to be exact. First Xiaomi Mi Mix helped shape the whole view on the current phone design and the second generation ...

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Oppo MIX To Launch In November With 5x Optical Zoom, Borderless Design

While other phone makers have been quick to adopt a full-screen design, news of an Oppo with the feature has been slow, well that is until today. The post Oppo MIX To Launch In November With 5x Optical Zoom, Borderless Design appeared first on Gizchina.com. Powered by WPeMatico

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Xiaomi Chiron appears on GFXbench with Snapdragon 835, 6GB RAM

The mysterious Xiaomi Chiron device appeared once again earlier today on GFXbench and revealed some of its specs, even though we have no idea what type of phone it is, where in the market it’s aimed at etc. Most of you might remember that it was previously rumored to be ...

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Deal : Xiaomi Mi6 available for €334.89 from Lightinthebox

The latest Xiaomi flagship model Xiaomi Mi6 is deservedly selling pretty well, but of course there is always a possibility of getting it cheaper than the usual retail price. And today we have for you an interesting deal for this powerful phone from the popular e-shop Lightinthebox. Repeating and commenting ...

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