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Battle of the feature phones, Ulefone Armor Mini vs. Nokia 3310

Even the market with the feature phones is a highly competitive place, after all those phones are usually the ones selling the most worldwide. And today we have for you a short video look at the outdoor battle of the Ulefone Armor Mini versus the Nokia 3310 refresh version. Do ...

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Ulefone Power 3 will receive the Android 8.1 Oreo update very soon

As the latest version of the Android operating system, the Android Oreo is supposed to be the current pinnacle of the software so every phone should aim to get it. Previously, the chinese phone maker Ulefone promised Android Oreo update for their big battery Ulefone Power 3 and they will manage to ...

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Watch: Ulefone Power 5 with 5V/5A super fast charge, charging 10% of power in 15 mins

It’s pretty awful that some phones can have good battery life and capacity, but take a depressingly long time to replenish their battery. But that’s certainly not the case for the new Ulefone Power 5. Though packing a huge 13000mAh battery, the phone can be fully charged rather quickly thanks to the 5V/5A super ...

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Ulefone Power 5 battery endurance test for the 13.000 mAh monster

There are big battery phones in the market and there are BIG battery phone. The new Ulefone Power 5 certainly belongs in the latter category, because with insane 13.000 mAh capacity you quite some endurance monster in your pocket. And to prove the point the makers released another battery test ...

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First hands-on video for the 13.000 mAh Ulefone Power 5

We have already covered more or less everything there is to know about the new big battery Ulefone Power 5 including all the specs and features. But today we have for you the first official hands-on video, so you can check out how it works in real life scenarios and ...

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Ulefone models Power 5, Armor X and Armor Mini flash sale

The latest Ulefone models are apparently selling quite well during the presales, but those are already over. But no need for despair, because the makers decided to offer a special deals for those who missed out the first time. So from May 3rd to May 10th you can get the ...

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13.000mAh Ulefone Power 5 special sale kicks off at $269.99 on Banggood

The Ulefone Power 5 is certainly the most anticipated smartphone from this chinese brand with a huge 13.000 mAh battery. It claims to be the word’s biggest battery phone which can offer you up to 7 days of energy on a single charge. Official presale for the phone has just ...

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Rugged Ulefone Armor X features 4G LTE dual SIM support

As we know, users of conventional dual-SIM phones have to select one SIM card for the reception of 4G LTE network, and then the other SIM card will automatically get a 2G connection. However, as the popularization of 4G LTE connectivity, 2G network is gradually fading from the stage. If ...

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Watch: 13.000 mAh Ulefone Power 5 official unboxing video

Global presales for the 13.000mAh big battery Ulefone Power 5 just kicked off and from April 24th to May 1st you can get it for mere $269.99. To add fuel to the presale promotion, Ulefone has released today an unboxing video of the Power 5 through their official Youtube channel, so you ...

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