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dodocool DC54 Premium USB Type-C to VGA Adapter on Sale

Do you own one of the latest fancy laptops that feature amazing aluminum bodies, stunning screens and super compact dimensions? Then you’re probably lacking a good ol’ VGA port to actually connect it to an older an display or projector, aren’t you? Keep reading if you’re in need of this ...

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dodocool DC52 Dual USB Type-C Multiport Thunderbolt Adapter on Sale

Are you tired of carrying a bunch of dongles around with your 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook Pro? Then dodocool has a really neat solution for your man-made problem – an adapter that cleverly slots into the USB Type-C ports of your device. Let’s check it out! The dodocool DC52 is dual ...

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dodocool DA133 MFi Certified 2-in-1 Headphone Jack Adapter on Sale

Sadly, we have to give up on finding smartphones with a built-in headphone jacks and we have to blame Apple for that. But not everything is lost, if you own a pair of high-end 3.5mm headphones and you still want to use on your iPhone, then check out the dodocool DA133 which ...

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dodocol DA146 MFi Certified 3.3ft Metal Lightning to USB 2.0 Cable on Sale

Is your iPhone Lightning cable falling to pieces after some months of usage? Then it’s probably time you upgrade to something more durable. What about one sleeved in metal? Keep reading to learn more about the dodocol DA146! The dodocol DA146 is an MFi Certified Lightning to USB 2.0 cable, which means ...

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Dodocool DA133 MFi Certified 2-in-1 Headphone Jack Adapter now on Sale

Do you own one of the latest iPhones and thus need an adapter to connect your favorite pair of headphones? Then worry no more as dodocool has the right accessory for you, the dodocool DA133; let’s learn more about it! The dodocool DA133 is an MFi certified 2-in-1 Lightning to 3.5mm headphone jack ...

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Dodocool DC23 Wireless USB Adapter – Add 5Ghz WiFi to your PC or Mac

Is your desktop PC placed too far away from the router, so you’re unable to connect it directly via an ethernet cable? Or maybe you want to add 5Ghz WiFi to your older laptop? Then check out the Dodocool DC23, a small and smart WiFi dongle! The Dodocool DC23 is a ...

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Dodocool DA120GY MFi Certified 3.3ft Nylon Braided USB Adapter now on Sale

If you own more than one USB powered device – just like many of us over at GizChina – then you must have incurred in a situation where you couldn’t find the right cable for the right device. That won’t be a problem no more thanks to this handy adapter ...

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