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This Week on GizChina – January 8-14

Here we are in the second week of 2018. While most companies are in their winter sleep, others keep pushing out rumors and images about their upcoming devices. Do you think you’ve missed any? Then keep reading to find out the top headlines from January 8th through the 14th! This ...

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This Week on GizChina – January 1-7

Hello and welcome back to 2018 with the first weekly digest of all the news and rumors regarding smartphones, tablets and other tech gizmos we’ve covered in the past seven days. So, even if you’ve been celebrating during this period, you can still find out the most important headlines down ...

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This Week on GizChina – December 25-31

Coincidentally enough, our weekly digest goes in conjunction with the last week of 2017, ending on Sunday, December 31st. In the past seven days we haven’t seen many product launches as you’d probably expect during the winter holidays. Nevertheless, we are always flooded with rumors and leaks, so let’s see ...

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This Week on GizChina – December 18-24

Here we are in our last rendezvous just before Christmas. As you could expect, most companies have taken a break and thus we don’t see lots of new devices in today’s recap. Nonetheless, let’s go ahead and check out what you might have (or not) missed this week! This Week ...

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This Week on GizChina – Nov. 27 – Dec. 03

This past week has been the prelude to the various Xiaomi launches we’ll potentially see in the next days, so we’ll be seeing lots of rumors / leaked photos for these devices. In addition to that we have some good news coming from Qualcomm and other smaller phone makers. Keep ...

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This Week on GizChina – November 20-26

After the launch of the OnePlus 5T on November 16th, this past week has been slightly less intense but still filled with lots of rumors coming from Xiaomi, Honor and more. If you’ve had a busy week and believe you could have missed some interesting news, then keeping reading as ...

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