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Learn The Limitations Coming From ARM-based Windows 10 Laptops

Microsoft has been thinking about making ARM-based laptops for a while. They are promised to be way cheaper and to provide way longer battery life. Actually, those laptops should be larger-screen smartphones running on Windows 10 instead of Android. But this change of the architecture and an operating system is ...

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Xiaomi and Samsung working on laptops equipped with Snapdragon 835 SoC

Two new players are rumored to have already joined Qualcomm’s team of Snapdragon-powered laptop manufacturers, and this can only mean good things for us customers. We’re talking about Xiaomi and Samsung, two companies that seem to have high hopes for this specific market segment in the future. News comes right ...

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Microsoft is reportedly working in a foldable Windows 10 tablet

Around 2009, in Microsoft headquarters, a group led by Xbox godfather J. Allard, was developing a two-screen foldable tablet that would come with a stylus pen running a customized version of Windows. The device would be called Courier. According to its creators, the Courier was being made for the creative ...

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Office projector Lightank W100 with pre-installed Windows 10 coming July 12th

Projectors are getting smaller and smaller lately and for the home usage there is usually no need for too much integration of extra features. But for bussiness and office purposes it’s quite handy to have a all-in-one type of a projector with tons of integrated stuff. That’s exactly the case ...

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