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dodocool DA128 10W Ultra Slim USB Type-C Fast Wireless Charger on Sale

Tired of plugging and unplugging the USB cable onto your smartphone to charge it? Then check out dodocool’s ultra-slim and USB Type-C compatible fast wireless charger; keep reading to learn more! The dodocool DA128 is – as we just mentioned –  a fast wireless charger, but what does that mean? ...

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The Dodocool DA92 can Wirelessly Charge your Smartphone at 10W, in your Car!

Today we have a look at a smartphone accessory that would be on many people wish list, did they own a wireless charging compatible device. We’re talking about the Dodocool DA92, a fast wireless car charger; let’s learn more about it! The Dodocool DA92 is not just a standard wireless charger, ...

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