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Xiaomi Mi 7 Screen Comparison vs Huawei P20 Pro, iPhone X & More

We know it’s a bit of a long shot as the phone hasn’t been released yet but, by using Xiaomi Mi 7’s leaked tempered glass screen protectors we’ve seen a couple days back, a group of Chinese netizens was able to compare those to the already widely available Huawei P20 ...

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LEAKED: Xiaomi Mi 7 Spotted on Mi Mall at Just 2799Yuan ($439.99)

Great news for Xiaomi lovers and potentially unhappy flagship killer aficionados that see their OnePlus 6 going to cost over 4000 Yuan ($629), meanwhile the Xiaomi Mi 7 is now rumored to come with a 2799 Yuan ($439) price tag, according to the latest leak. As we can see in ...

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Xiaomi Mi 7: Leaked Hands-On Photos Confirm Top Notch & In-Display Fingerprint Scanner

We’ve been reading lots of rumors around the Xiaomi Mi 7 in the past months, some suggesting it will sport a top notch and some that it won’t. Well, apparently the former ones were correct as the latest images surfacing the web would imply. As you can see in the ...

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Most Realistic Xiaomi Mi 7 Renders Show Up Online

New day, new Xiaomi Mi 7 rumor contradicting everything we’ve said before, at least design wise. This time around we have a look at some of the most realistic renders of Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship we’ve seen thus far; let’s check them out! In the image above we have the Mi ...

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Xiaomi Mi 7 concept video appears, even though it’s too early

There’s no stopping now guys, these concept videos will keep coming our way, you’d better get used to them. The newest of them is all about Xiaomi Mi 7 and comes from a third-party concept designer and NOT Xiaomi, so enjoy it but don’t expect too much at this time. Have ...

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