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ZTE To Resume Business Tomorrow – To Pay $1.4 Billion Within 90 Days

Today, ZTE Corporation announced that it has reached a new settlement agreement with the US Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) which will see it pay a fine of $1.4 billion. Arising from this, the company is set to resume trading tomorrow. After applying to Shenzhen Stock Exchange, ...

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ZTE Sends Out Internal Letter: To Resume Operations As Soon As Ban Is Lifted

Some days ago, we reported that the US Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross announced that ZTE has agreed to pay a huge fine in order to overturn the U.S Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) denial order imposed as a result of ZTE’s violations of its March 2017 settlement agreement. ...

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ZTE & The US Reaches Agreement – Total Fine Clocks $2.29 Billion

On April 15, 2018, ZTE was suspended from doing business with American companies for seven years because it violated Iran-related sanctions and it failed to take disciplinary measures against some of its employees as agreed in 2017. Subsequently, the company had to suspend its business because a good chunk of ...

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ZTE signs a preliminary agreement with U.S, the ban may be lifted soon

According to sources that are following the ZTE ban saga close enough, the Chinese company has signed a preliminary agreement with the United States government, that will allow the company to keep selling its products in the country under some specific circumstances. According to Reuters, the ban that was imposed ...

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ZTE May Pay Up To $1.7 Billion In Fines To The U.S.

According to a Reuters report, the Trump administration may soon claim as much as $1.7 Billion from Chinese company ZTE. After ZTE was suspended from doing business with U.S. companies on April 15, the company suspended its main business in May and urgently needs to resume its businesses. There have been ...

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“ZTE Incident” Makes Bare The Need For A Chinese Chip Industry – Ma Huateng

The ban of Chinese company, ZTE, from dealing with products from the United States is quite unfortunate but it has shown the Chinese their weaknesses. Chairman and CEO of Tencent, Ma Huateng recently said that the recent “ZTE incident” is a wake-up call for Chinese manufacturers. Ma Huateng states that the “ZTE incident” highlights ...

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US reaches a deal to lift ZTE export ban, after paying a fine the company will return

According to reports directly from US commercial congress, the country reached a deal on Friday that will lift the export ban that has condemned the Chinese manufacturer ZTE to stop its business. This whole mess started some months ago when the U.S Department of Commerce discovered that ZTE was violating ...

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Avast: ZTE & Other OEMs Pre-install Malicious Software On Their Devices

Avast, a well-known security agency, issued a report that its security threat lab found that a number of Android phones from ZTE, Archos, MyPhone and other OEMs actually had malicious adware preinstalled. The malware is named “Cosiloon” and it overlays an advertisement on the top of the page when the user surfs the ...

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U.S. Ban To Cost ZTE At Least $3 Billion

In recent weeks, there has been some salient battle between China and the United States. This situation resulted from the hammer which landed on ZTE, prohibiting the company from doing business with US firms. In mid-April, the US Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security stated that ZTE violated the U.S. ...

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